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Rainbow Bridge to Valhalla


Date of birth / DOB: 27.05.2011
Deceased / RIP: 08.06.2018

English bulldog - pug mix


Peppy was Dennis's first own dog and had become made a vocation to drive Nadja mad. She was mostly sweet and nice, but also 

often very tired of life and had the urge to to get into trouble. She was still Dad's darling and was allowed to relax at Allow him pretty much everything. 

May she rest in peace and with all have fun with our old friends.


Turella's Douglas

Nickname: Dexter
​Date of birth / DOB: 02.02.2008
Deceased / RIP: 08/2015

shorthaired coolie




Date of birth / DOB: 05/01/2006
Deceased / RIP: 05/31/2019

Terrier mix


The grandmother of our Vikings Family. She is a Terrier mix from Spain. With her had to

we go through a tough school. She taught us a lot taught and will hopefully be with us for a long time remain.

WhatsApp Image 2019-02-07 at 22.14.42.jpeg

Elroy Lord from Smokie's Home

Nickname: Piu
Date of birth / DOB: 20.08.2008
Deceased / RIP: 03/31/2021


Our grandpa. Piu is a super behaved grumpy bear and Helga's great love. He was already more at work as a puppy interested than playing in puppy lesson. 
He has repeatedly through excellent footwork can shine in the Companion Dog Test and  put in the pockets of many a Malinois.  He was also successful in agility. 
Association champion SWHV in the medium he can rant proudly. Participation in the DHV DM and VDH DM he can list. 
He is now retired and beats on dog races the other seniors.

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