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Why a ChineseCrested? Beware of addiction!!!!Our first Chinese Crested was almost a deal. Dennis wasn't really convinced at first and we negotiated, hima new set of rims and I a Chinese :-). Well what can one say, barely six months later Dennis fell in loveto little Helga. CC's are definitely like chips, it never sticks to one.CC's are an ancient dog breed. Unfortunately, they are repeatedly referred to as "fashion dogs" and "torture breeding".The latest findings have shown that the CC is not descended from China but from the Mexican hairless dog Xoloitzcuintle. Already 2000 - 4000 years ago, reports and archaeological finds could prove that hairless dogs were worshiped and kept in Central America. Hairlessness was caused by a gene mutation called FOXI3. This mutation was also identified in us humans and is the reason why we no longer wear fur. The name probably comes from the time of Christopher Columbus in the 15th century. The name was associated with the search for the sea route from India to China. The term "Perros Chinos" was born, which translated means something like"Chinese Dogs". The Spanish conquerors called the dogs of the indigenous peoples living there. Through the thusdeveloped trade routes, the Xoloitzcuintle mixed with European "lap dog breeds". The CC prototype was born.The nature of the CC is incredibly versatile, hard to describe. A mix of dog, cat and ET. From time to time you also see Hulk. Corpse obedience is too boring for the CC. They are up for any fun and wake us up every day with a Kisses and good mood. You should be prepared to never sit alone on the toilet again, because the CC wants to be with you everywhere. They are always cheerful and love to cuddle lazily under the covers. But when it comes to adventure tours, are they like Indian Jones.Do you still have questions? Then write to us :-)

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